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The Five Core Layers of Energy That Weave into and Through the Sacred Journey in Our Work Together


HEALING: facing the darkness so that you can release the energies holding you to the darker more dense vibrations in your life so that you can be freed from those internal emotions and blocks. This will allow you to feel more connected and free flowing in your relationships, with yourself and in all other areas of your life.


ACTIVATION: the new energy within becomes activated into a higher vibration and allows you to get energetically in touch with the soul gifts that require the higher level of vibrations. This will enable you to get in touch with your life higher purpose, to resonate with people who are at this vibration therefore open you to new experiences and broaden who you attract into your personal life.


TRANSFORMATION: your life starts to metaporphosize into a fun play ground where you're constantly growing and changing into the person you always knew you were meant to be and the person you have felt you needed to be to serve the tribe you came here to serve. This upgrade allows you to flow into new opportunities to serve, will ignite new fires of passion personally and professionally and will attract new intimate and personal relationships.


EXPANSION: the continued growth and expansion into even deeper levels and layers of emotion, feeling and unlocking even more soul gifts and starting to truly recognise yourself as the magical God or Goddess that you've come here to be. This enables you to become a beacon to your tribe, you will feel extremely high energy vibrations that heal you and help you hold space for others to heal on deeper and deeper levels.

Choose Your Journey!!!