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When you step into this portal you will feel yourself on a deeper multi-dimensional level.

We can do a connection meditation to connect with your star family & spirit guides so that you can experience them in new ways and have new techniques to stay connected to them.

Your soul gifts will be revealed and activated so that you can start to fulfil your highest purpose and start living the life that sets your soul on fire!

We will open portals of energy to connect you cosmically to your higher self. This will help transform your relationships and help you clear lower vibrational energies that will allow you to thrive.



During this workshop you will feel deeply connected to your internal divine feminine energy, that will enhance how you interact with your loved ones, friends and lovers.

You will learn how to harness that energy in your life and help you stay connected to her long term which will create a deeper drive for you to fulfil your life’s purpose.

You will feel the passionate centre within you start to become a part of your every day life which opens you up to new possibilities for love, work and in relationships.

A soul fire will ignite for you to follow your heart and dreams in new and exciting ways.

You relationships will be transformed as you will know your self and inner energy system in deeper more intimate ways so that you can tune in to your intuition and higher self more easily.

Mother Earth and Mother Nature energies will become super activated in your body and life enabling you to flow in and out of situations with ease and grace.




During the meditations we connect to the angelic realms including healing from St Germain, Arch Angel Michael, Jesus and Mother Mary.

We receive downloads from the cosmic star beings including the Pleidians, Arcturians, Atlanteans and Lemurians.

Get protection and love energy from our guide teams from Orion, Pleiades, Andromeda, Hadaria and many other star systems.

We do golden gridding meditations that uplift the energy of plant Earth and our lives directly.

Have white light love healing and protection guidance, to protect you on the Astral realms and practically in your life.

We deeply connect with Mother Earth and receive grounding and activations from her energy. This helps you stay grounded and happy.

We connect with our spirit animals and feel their power and activations.

We do abundance and worthiness activations.