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"Live Wild, Live Free" is a portal to unlocking your most joyful life! Inside you will find practical tips and guidance to help you structure your spiritual life so that you can live in abundant joy!!!

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Here's some fun topics to open your heart & mind & to allow the expansion to begin!!!

Let's do this!!!


 Light Leaders Unite!

Are you a light leader who is ready for your next level of spiritual expansion?

Do you feel some BIG energy coming and would like to be ready for it?

Would you like to prepare your physical body to be ready to hold space for all those extra souls who are coming your way?

Well, you have come to the right place!!! Spirit has guided you here! Please subscribe to my newsletter, connect on social media or reach out to me in whatever way brings you the most joy and let's chat about what magic we can co-create together!!!!!

Such an honor to meet you!!!


Star seeds,

Welcome Home!!!  

Have you recently had a spiritual awakening and are finding life super difficult to navigate?


Do you relate to being super sensitive to your surroundings and would like to know how to handle that better?

Do you relate to being a star seed and would like to connect with your star family both on Earth and in the stars?

If  you relate to these questions, then you're in the right place to experience deep and effective change in your life, starting NOW!!! 


We can do all that and more during one of these beautiful, spiritual journey's together!!


Take charge of your spiritual life and book one a session today!!!

Meet Sarah

Hi Beauties! Sarah here!! I was born in a little town in Western Australia called Geraldton, have been travelling the world since I was 20 years old and always love visiting new places and having epic adventures!!!!! Four years ago I moved to the US to live & work & within two years I had found my true purpose, to become an intuitive life coach and motivational speaker which has now evolved into Starseed Coaching and Divine Feminine Activation Coaching!!!! 

I have gifts including being a medium, empath, telepath & psychic & I channel the star beings, beings from other dimensions and many other beings of the light including the Ascended Masters, angels, fairies, loved ones on the other side, Jesus, Mother Mary and many more. During a session the channel is opened and guided by your spirit guides so that you get the most clear guidance possible!!!


Some of the soul juice that comes from sessions includes learning about your past lives and the gifts that you carry from them, activating these gifts, learning how to navigate this dimension with ease so you can be live your best life, to align with your true purpose so you can feel completely fulfilled, connecting with your spirit and soul guides, aligning with your twin flame or soul mate to create deep and sensual connections, feeling powerful spiritual awakenings, healing & deepening relationships where you feel uplifted & renewed, finding inner peace, renewed sexual energy, chakra realignment & so much more!!!

Whatever you're ready for, you can receive. When you're ready to go deep and work through any darkness or old patterns, you release yourself to the bliss. This may sound a bit out there, but it's so achievable when you put the work in!!!

Start Your Journey