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Meet Sarah Strong

Hey Beautiful People, Sarah here! Thanks so much for checking out my page, have a look around and feel into what resonates with you!!!!!


My aim in life is  to bring as much joy to everyone in this blessed world as I can!!! Including YOU Beauty!!!!!


There are so many ways that you can draw love, joy, bliss and

happiness into your life and through a coaching journey together, you can reach states of bliss, abundance, joy and heightened awareness in every area of your life!!!! YES QUEENS & KINGS, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!!

Have you been feeling disconnected from your spiritual path? Or did you used to hear your guides and now, it's not working so well?

Sometimes life gets in the way of you experiencing your greatest joy and I'm here to help you get back to that vibrant, bouncy self that you know is inside you!!!

Through Expansion coaching we co-create magical portals of energy that are assisted by me being an empath, medium, psychic, telepathic and channel and through which you can realize the deepest energies that are lying within you ready for discovery and to enhance and upgrade your life!!!!


I channel Spirit and your Guides so that you can feel that juicy, yummy feeling of being super connected to your true self, and getting back to feeling deeply and profoundly connected to your Spirit Guides!!

How does that sound? Pretty cool hey!?! Book your first session to dive right in!! You can check that out on the offerings page!!!

Some of the other things I do are being a spiritual motivational speaker, a Soul-preneur, a published author of "Live Wild, Live Free", humanity healer, Lightworker, Earth Warrior and a total animal lover!!

All the wisdom you seek is within you.

Sarah Strong


This work is for you if...

  • You are ready to do the work

  • You are committed to finding the wisdom in your soul to heal the blockages that are currently coming up for you

  • You see yourself as the Goddess or God that you are but may have felt disconnected from this energy for some time

  • You are a healer and/or a light-worker but need some direction for how to step into your true power

  • You love humanity and know you are here to complete a bigger picture mission

  • You have awakened and desire to know yourself even deeper through the channel of your own heart, in your new state of consciousness

  • You are here to serve your tribe

  • You do yoga and meditation and are aligned spiritually 

  • You love nature and spend time outdoors communing with Her

  • You are open to the divine guidance that comes through for you and commit 100% to doing the work

  • You see me as a channel and space holder not a teacher or guru. You recognise that you have all the divine wisdom within you and that you simply require a mirror to find it.

  • You know you are your own source of divine bliss and energy

  • You are a star-seed but may not know it yet. You may feel like you’ve never belonged on this planet and that you've never fit in with your friends or family.

  • You may have felt an affinity to the stars and didn’t know why

  • You may be extremely good at the sciences with no explanation or know things about this world or others with no logical reasoning

  • You are so ready for change and deep transformation in your life

  • You are ready to serve your tribe

  • You have a huge heart and love deeply

  • You have a deep craving to know yourself more deeply than you have ever experienced and in doing so help others do the same

  • You desire to be fully activated in your divine femininity or masculinity

  • You are fun and funny

  • You love to laugh and don’t take yourself seriously

  • You are ready to let go of the things that are holding you where you are right now and to jump right on in

  • You are ready to play in the darkness so that you can free yourself from the things that have been holding you back

  • You long for connection to a partner that is deeply heart connected, centred and soul aligned

  • You have time to do sessions and the extra work required to stay in the flow of growth and expansion and you know how important it is to commit to the process 100%. This means that you are ready to face any blockages that come up for you with compassion for who you had to be to get there

  • You understand that growing can be very painful and you’re ready to tackle that “heart first”

  • You’re aware that the only way is through and that this can mean you may have to let some people go and walk alone sometimes

  • You also know that boundaries will be part of your new journey, that you will move towards a newness of being and start stepping into the fullness of your divine power

  • You will also start to feel new energy flooding into every area of your life, and this may feel uncomfortable at first, and the closest people to you may not be supportive

  • This journey of transformation is not for the faint hearted and you know and understand this deeply and are ready to do what it takes to make these changes and to see the magnificent results start to flow in your life!

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