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Meet Sarah Strong


All the wisdom you seek is within you.

Sarah Strong

Hi Star Fam, here's a little bit about me and I would absolutelLOVE to get to know you too!! Please add me on the socials so we can connect more personally!!


I was born in a small town in Western Australia called Geraldton, where I grew up with a younger brother and a single mum. Life was not easy for us but we definitely made the best of what we had. I feel like I was a warrior from a very young age, knowing I was different but not able to talk to anyone in my life about it. At the age of 37 I learnt about my other worldly gifts and that they can truly benefit me in my life and for the service of others. This excited me a great deal as I always felt I was here to serve humanity in some way!!


I traveled the world in search of "my place"since I was in my twenties and always loved visiting new places and having epic adventures!! My travels took me to London, England where I lived for 14 years. Also all over Europe, Africa and Asia!!

Six years ago I moved to the US to live and work and within two years I discovered my divine purpose, to become an intuitive life coach, which now includes Starseed and Divine Feminine Activation Coaching!! This truly was a beautiful moment for me!!

Since childhood I have been a medium, empath, telepath, psychic & I channel the star beings, beings from other dimensions and many other beings of the light including the Ascended Masters, angels, fairies, dragons, loved ones Jesus, Mother Mary to name a few. I feel truly blessed to be able to hold space for my tribe to step into the epic energy they're creating in their life!!

Thank you for reading all of this and let's connect soon!!

Love, light and unicorn sparkles to you!

Sarah xx


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