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Here's some magical offerings for you to feel into...

1:1 SESSIONS: Expansion Session & Channeling Session

When you step into this portal you will feel yourself on a deeper spiritual level.

During a session we can do a guide connection meditation to connect with your star family & spirit guides so that you can start to hear their message, receive guidance from them and have new techniques to stay connected to them.

Your will be connect to and activate your soul gifts. This will help you to fulfill your life purpose and start living the life that sets your soul on fire! Yes, you get to have it all!!

We will open portals of energy to connect you cosmically to your higher self. This will help transform your relationships and help clear lower vibrational energies that will open you up to thrive in new echelons of energy!!!

✨Star 🌟 Seed✨



This workshop is for you if you desire more depth, fun, laughter, lightness and richness in your life. 

The things you will do in the workshop hold infinite power and expansion for you!! 


 ✨We will open by doing some movement to get you moving and connected to your body, a sacred geometry image activation and a guided meditation to connect you to your star spirit guides!!!


✨ This workshop will…..


✨ Connect you to your guides and open a channel so that you can establish a deep connection with them and have direct access to their messages!!

✨Deeply connect with your star 🌟 family so you feel more grounded and connected in life from their guidance and downloads!!

✨This workshop is going to add sparkle, joy and playfulness to your life; you will feel more loved, supported, energized and focused to fulfill your dreams and visions!!!

✨ Connect with your star-seed 🌟 tribe so that you feel more at home in this wild world of ours!! 

✨These workshops are all custom designed based on what you’re desiring to create in your life, these are just some examples of the fun 🤩 stuff we will cover and I always allow space for Spirit to flow and guide the direction of our time together so that it meets your highest needs and desires!!!


MAJOR IMPACTS FOR YOU: Deep connection to your star 🌟 family guides, feeling activated in your soul gifts from your past lives in the stars, have fun and meet aligned souls!!! YES BEAUTY, you get to have it all!!!


✨Every Tuesday at 6pm MT we start each session we with grounding, moving into a 30 min group channel, then do a 10-15 mins meditation, an oracle card reading 🧘‍♀️ followed by sharing.

The messages are channeled from Spirit and this energy has such a deep effect that our members often have visions, meet their guides, see new versions of themselves, receive DNA 🧬 upgrades, light healing and divine gifts 🎁 from Spirit!!!

✨During the meditations we receive blessings & healings from the Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Galactic Guides, Dragons 🐉, Fairies 🧚🏼‍♀️ & Unicorns 🦄. Some of our past meditations include light body healing, star family connection, galactic guidance, Divine Feminine activation and chakra cleansing!

✨Major Impact: Feel at peace within and receive what you desire to move forward in life with confidence!!!

Cost: $25 per session or $69 per month for membership


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