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Starseed Activation Workshop




At your own pace

About the Course

This workshop is for you if you know there’s more depth, fun, lightness and richness you would like to experience in your life.

The work you will do in the workshop holds so much power and expansion for you, let me tell you how…

✨This workshop will…

✨ Connect you to your guides so that you can establish a deep connection with them and have direct access to their messages!!

✨ Activate your light language and integrate the energy so you can feel anchored and blissed out in this energy!!!

✨Deeply connect with your star 🌟 family and feel more grounded and connected in your life from their guidance and downloads!!

✨Become activated in your soul gifts so that you can fulfill your life’s purpose!!

✨This workshop is going to add so much sparkle to your life; you will feel more loved, supported, energized and focused to fulfill all your dreams and visions!!!

✨These workshops are all custom designed based on what you’re desiring to create in your life, these are just some examples of the fun 🤩 stuff we will cover and I always allow space for Spirit to flow and guide the direction of our time together so that it meets your highest desires!!!

Your Instructor

Sarah Strong

Hi, Sarah here! I'm a Starseed coach, Divine Feminine Activation coach, medium, channel, empath, telepath & psychic. I channel the star beings, beings from other dimensions and many other beings of the light including the Ascended Masters, angels and fairies. During a session I will also channel your spirit guides.
Some of the soul juice that comes from sessions includes learning about your past lives and the gifts that you carry from them, activating said gifts, learning how to navigate this dimension with ease and to align with your true purpose, connecting with your spirit and soul guides, aligning with your twin flame or soul mate, deep spiritual awakening, rejuvenating relationships, connecting with your inner stillness, renewing sexual energy, chakra realignment & much, much more!

Sarah Strong
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