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Is Channeling or Life Coaching Right for You?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Hi Beautiful People!!! I'm adding channeling sessions to my biz and wanted to give you some info and clarity around the channeling and coaching sessions, including the differences between each session, what you get in each and a few things to consider before diving in!! 💕✨

Channeling is when you bring in a bunch of questions that you’d like answered and I channel Spirit & your guides for the answers. That simple!! This is a much lighter energy as you’re playing more on the surface. 💕✨

Coaching is about getting forward movement on anything that you’re feeling stuck on in your life. Including creating new behavioural patterns, refreshing energy in a relationship, desiring connection with your spirit guides, creating a clear direction for your present and future moments, finding your true purpose on Earth, the list can go on and on, these things are very personal. You get to choose exactly what you’d like to work on. It’s basically anything you would like to dig deep for and start to draw into your life!!! This is deep soul work that you must be ready to go deep and dance in the truth to see results. Super fun and rewarding when you’re ALL IN!!! 💕✨

A bit about me and how it works. I’m a seer and a truth vortex. What that means is that I see all of you; your human self and your soul self, and we will be dancing solely in the truth. If you’ve not experienced that before it can be quite uncomfortable, especially for the ego. Alternatively it can be the most liberating and exhilarating feeling when you’re ready for it!!! 💕✨

💕✨ A couple of things to consider before jumping onto a channeling session are:

  1. What are a few questions that you’ve desired the answers to for some time and would really like some clarity on now?

  2. Are you ready to know the truth?

💕✨ A few things to consider prior to jumping onto a coaching session are:

  1. How willing are you to dance in the truth on a scale of 1-10?

  2. If not a 10, what’s going on and what would have to happen to reach an ALL IN from you?

  3. How willing are you to be seen on a scale of 1-10?

  4. If not a 10, what’s going on and what would have to happen to reach an ALL IN from you for being seen?

If you like the sound of doing either a channeling or coaching session, send an enquiry through or book a free 15mins call and let’s have a chat!!!

Loads of love ❤️ and have the most amazing day!!! 💕✨

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